Little Lou Lou, "Llewellen's Bane"

No fault forgiven.
No friend forgotten.

Lou Lou's motto.

Jacq the Giant Killer


252 Glory inherited from her father, Llewellyn o' the South. 252

511 A.D.

50 Rescued Lady Clarissa of Caerleon from the giant. Gained the giant's club as trophy. 302

283 Winter at Avalon. 133 (traits) + 50 (passions) + 100 (religion) = 283 585
50 Glory gift from Graeme. 635

512 A.D.

100 Attack Galegantis at the Battle of Bassu River. 735
300 Capture Galegantis at the Battle of Bassu River. 1035
180 For fighting at the Battle of Bassu River. 1215
60 Gain charger, nag and palfrey + 1 Librum of booty from the Battle of Bassu River.1275
1000 Knighted by King Arthur. 2275
50 Landed by Lady Rydychan of Stevengton Manor (Oxford). Granted Groverly Manor. 2325

290 Winter at Groverly Manor (borders Stevengton Manor). 511 A.D. + 7 (holdings) = 290 2615

513 A.D.

500 Defeating King Rhiens. 3115
100 Struck him down in one blow to become the "Giant Killer". 3215
100 Capturing and returning King Rhiens. 3315

420 Participating in the Battle of Terra Bel. 3735
500 Defeating King Nero. Also gain the emnity of Sir Lucas o' Donnicus' family. 4235
50 Rescuing the body of Sir Donicus. R.I.P. 4285
50 Gain 3 chargers, 3 palfreys and 8 Librum of goods from the Battle of Terra Bel. 4335

390 Winter at Groverly Manor . 512 A.D. + 100 (chivilary) = 390 4725
-15 Glory gift to Caitlin. 4710

Juliet Spend all my mony and borrow 40 Librum to gain gowns, jewels and a French maid.

Lou Lou's Lament

But for you, I would have been proud of my name.
But for you, I would have had a quiet life.
But for you, I would have had a home to return to.
But for you, I would have had a brother, and been a wife.

514 A.D.

50 Arthur sanctions quest for the Star Sword. 2 Librum in silver, 10 Librum credit note. 4760
10 Compete in the Pentacostal Joust. 4770
5 Win my first round in the Pentacostal Joust. Gain a charger. 4775
10 First aid Sir Betrum of Salisbury in the lists. 4785
100 Attend the wedding of Arthur. Yea, Juliet! 4885

Tamar Meet Sir Tamar the Moor. He has been 'gifted' to King Arthur.
D'ton I lose my lands to the Donnington boys!
Shamus Shamus McDrost gives me a braid, which I will wear forever. I give him a half-carved arrow.
Bruns Sir Tamar and I dine with (giant) Lord Bruns. He gives me a sheathed dagger.
Ywaine Young Ywaine, son of King Uriens, gives me a Lapus bracelet. I give him a bunting arrow.
Bradwin Bradwin dies! I swear that I will avenge his death.
Esmay I pledge my daughter to Esmay, the witch of Daffid's Ferry, for Bradwyn's killers.
Rhiens King Rhiens escapes.

Lambour Tell the Tale of the Pentacostal Feast at the court of the Baron of Lambour.

100 Defeat Sir Tamer, thinking he is the Black (fairy) Knight of Roestoc. 4985

30 Slay Bradwyn's killers. Lose my eye when my bow breaks. 5015
40 Fulfill battle boast to avenge Bradwyn's murder. 5055

50 Challenge of King Rhiens. 5105
50 The taunting fight of the giant, King Rhiens. 5155

Amblen Sir Amblen of Cambernet takes the story of King Rhiens and his black magic to Arthur.
Esmay Esmay scolds me about risking my unborn babe. Gives me a girdle, and some protectors.
Gareth Sir Mynynthog gains another wonderful squire, the noble Gareth o' Nottingham
Dwyai The Lord of Nottingham provides me with Sargeant Dwyai, One Eye, as a squire.

100 Healing my companions after the Saxon attack. 5255
103 Killing the Nunnington Wyrm. 5358
100 Clearing the Pennine Road. 5458
5 Aiding Sister Bernadette, the healer. 5463

407 Winter at Gayholme Castle with King Uriens. Traits: 137 + Passions: 70 + Chivalry: 100 + Religious: 100 5870

Baby! Taken by Esmay the witch.