Alfred Regency, Esquire

Archaeological Investigator,
Cambridge University

2nd January 1874

It took us 6 days to return to Denver, with 40-50 people walking with the wagons.

Mr Backland was overjoyed to see his son, who is still mourning the loss of his heroine, 'Lady' Carstairs. He is young yet, though.

Indeed, Mr Backland's generosity was almost unbounded. He gave us $750 each for a job well done, and a month's paid holiday.

I immediately traded my payment for the contents of the wagons: fine furniture, fixtures and fittings, including three fine portraits of the beautiful Cynthia Carstairs. The conceited wench had instructed artists to paint her in period costumes - one modern, one Georgian (Dwaine has this), one Elizabethan and one Medieval. They are beautifully executed.

The wagons and horse we loaned to two of the farmers that we rescued, on the condition that we might use them in the future (I can't imagine how, but one never knows).

And now we are all enjoying a much-deserved break. I am visiting the people that we helped, entertaining in my newly appointed hotel room and generally bringing a much-needed air of civilisation to the wilds of Denver, Colorado.

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